Stepping into Me – Introductory Course

This personal development introductory course will help you begin to answer the question…Who am I? It will encourage you to start exploring how all the events, decisions, thoughts, and feelings in your life have placed you exactly where you are today, whether consciously or unconsciously. Here you will reconnect with yourself and gain fundamental techniques to start you on your journey of self-discovery.

During this 5-week course, Lyndal will work with you individually and in a small group setting, to share and teach you new tools and methods to understand why you have experienced the events in your life that have got you to where you are today.

This course is an intensive deep dive into your own truth, and therefore please only attend if you are committed to your own discovery and are prepared to be vulnerable, open, and invest in yourself. At the end of every session, Lyndal will provide various audio/visual tools to assist you with additional homework between the sessions. You will be asked to allocate at a minimum, an additional hour a week to complete the homework before the next session, however, the more you do the greater and faster you will discover more about yourself.

Course Modules

1. “Who am I?” – Looking at what makes you – you.

During the first session, Lyndal will walk you through some helpful audio & visualisation tools that you can use over and over again, to start discovering what events in your life have gotten you to where you are today.

2.“That’s what we always do” – Understanding the reoccurring themes of your life.

In the second session, Lyndal will introduce some additional visualisation tools, to start diving into the details of all the events in your life and what reoccurring themes and the life lessons are, that you are experiencing.

3.“You’ll never get there if you don’t…..”Conditioning and Patterning.

This session will blow apart what you think you know about yourself and help you to determine what is yours and what is not, as we delve into the complexities of conditioning and patterning.

4.“My head says no” – Exploring your subconscious mind.

In the fourth session, we will look at how your subconscious mind overrules a lot of your decision-making. Lyndal will share some tools to start reprograming your subconscious mind for success.

5.“What do I need?” – Making a start at defining your needs.

In the final session, we will make a start at how to define your needs so that they can be communicated and met with ease. From here, students will have the option to enrol in the Intermediate Course to continue their journey of self-growth and discovery.

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  • Duration – 5 weeks

  • Time – 60 mins session (+ 60 mins homework)

  • Capacity – 6 people

  • Location – Online (Zoom)

  • Pre-requisite – n/a

  • Cost – $580.00 AUD + GST (per person), only $116 per week!

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“Religions and faiths around the world tell us that at the end of our life, we review every thought, action, feeling and emotion for our greater understanding.
My question is……..why wait?”