Energetic Healing/Reiki Sessions

If everything is made up of energy (including us), why is it most people don’t invest anytime in cleansing, maintaining and protecting our personal energy and that of our spaces?

Lyndal obtained her Reiki Master certification nearly 20 years ago, and has studied various other healing modalities that work with a person energetically. Lyndal is also a qualified aromatherapist, which enables her to create personalised essential oil blends that work for the clients greatest and highest good, that can be used in face to face sessions. Lyndal is an “accountable energy practitioner” meaning that she performs energetic hygiene on herself, her space and before and after her client appointments, and ensures that the safe is space for you to connect to your higher self during your session.

Don’t expect a traditional Reiki session with Lyndal. She combines all her knowledge and experience working with a persons energy field during the session, to create a unique experience tailored just for you. You may feel very relaxed or invigorated after the session, depending on what comes up for you and what Lyndal finds in your energy fields.

Sessions are 60mins and via Zoom, however, in person sessions are held in Sydney on a request basis. Please email the team separately, before you book if you would like to attend in person.

  • Time – 60 mins session

  • Capacity – 1 person

  • Location – Online (Zoom) – please email separately if you wish to attend in person

  • None

  • Cost – From $120.00 AUD + GST

“If you are looking for someone who can help you to change your life you need look no further than Lyndal. She is unbelievably intuitive and will help you pin point exactly what you need to tweak in order to be the best version of yourself. Some things in life are priceless and doing a course with Lyndal should definitely be listed in that category. You will not finish her course as the same person you were when you started. I cannot recommend this course enough. Lyndal is proof that Earth Angels do exist and she is definitely one of them.”

Ellen, NSW